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Temple Aliyah Garden Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our community project to transform some of our land into a multi-purpose garden.   We look forward to working on this project with you!

Please select as many of the "teams" below that are of interest to you.  The bulleted descriptions below each team are only examples of the current tasks for that team.  Selecting a team does not commit you to participate in all of the tasks that the team will be working on.  We are just trying to get a sense of where the interests of our volunteers lie. 

Please complete this quick form as soon as possible so that we can get to work! 

Planning and Non-Gardening Tasks
  • Develop names for the entire garden, the individual spaces within the garden, and areas within each of these spaces; coordinate with Fundraising
  • Plan events (e.g., ground breaking, grand opening)
  • Coordinate publicity, media coverage
  • Research and select benches and chairs throughout all spaces
  • Research and acquire other equipment as needed
  • Develop plan for incorporating art within the garden, including how to solicit and select art
  • Select art for and install permanent and rotating installations
  • Envision and develop design for this area
  • Coordinate design implementation
  • Develop potential fundraising opportunities in conjunction with TA development team (does not necessarily include solicitation)
  • Develop fundraising plan to support ongoing maintenance and development
  • Clear fallen tree branches and trunks, remove poison ivy
  • Prepare soil for planting
  • Create tree stump seats from fallen trees
  • Design and build planting beds
  • Build and/or install bird feeders
  • Build Stairs
  • Plant bushes, trees, wild grasses, planting beds, etc.
  • Weed, plant, water, prune and compost
  • Clear branches, leaves, etc.k maintenance of beds
  • Monitor health of plantings
Tuesday, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784